Working capital that just works

Greatweek is a fast, easy way for entrepreneurs to access capital without the frustration of traditional financing.

No lengthy application

There’s no personal credit check and no complicated application process. Eligibility is based on factors like your payment volume and history on Stripe.

Get funds quickly

Funds typically arrive the next business day, directly into your Stripe account.

One flat fee

Pay one flat fee that never changes. There are no compounding interest charges, or late fees.

Pay when you get paid

Repayment is fully automated and adjusts to your daily sales. We deduct a fixed percentage of your sales until the total owed is repaid.

How it works

Fast funding and flexible payments

Check your eligibility

Sync your bank account(s) to the Greatweek platform and contact us to start the application. You’ll get an answer the same day.

Select your offer

Once approved you can view the offer in your dashboard. Select the amount that’s right for your business needs. The fee and repayment rate are set based on the accepted amount.

Receive your funds

After our team reviews your selection, the funds will be deposited into your bank account, typically the next business day.

Pay down as you earn

You’ll automatically repay the loan with a fixed percentage of your daily sales until the total amount is repaid.

Ready to get started?

Greatweek Capital program is in Beta. We will evaluate your application based on factors that include payment volume, business model, and history. It costs nothing to apply and we promise quick decision making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform equips Cleantech companies with the financing and automated back-office solutions they need to accelerate growth and drive innovation.


Apply for business loans and access our invoicing and accounting tools for free. If you need help with automation, AI implimentation and business growth, consult our industry-specific experts at competitive rates.

QB is a great accounting software, but you still need a CPA, Bank account and most often a payments platform like Zelle, PayPal etc. If you are up and running on QB you can easily merge over your infrastructure to GreatWeek. Or keep things in QB and use GreatWeek for Banking, Payments and CRM. Up to you : )

Nope. We don’t believe in locking you down to long term commitments. However our customers tend to stick to Greatweek as we guarantee the best price.

We can integrate almost any software on the market. Our partnership with connects Greatweek to 100.000 other apps. Reach out to us if you have specific needs. 

Focus on what you love

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