Super, Simple Bookkeeping



Save cost and grow

We'll match any current cost of CPA and bookkeeping and guarantee better tax optimization as we focus on our industry.


Getting funded, is easier

We offers one-click access to capital. Both working capital and venture capital options, depends on your goals.

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Increased business credit score

Partnering with us, means you get current and long-term support to build a solid financial infrastructure for your business.

Control your finances

Automate your expenses

Our platform simplifies your financial documentation process. Just snap a photo of receipts or upload invoices, and our AI automatically matches them to your bank transactions, saving you time and reducing errors.

Greatweek Receipt

Manage expenses on-the-go

Effortlessly manage receipts with the Greatweek app—capture, categorize, and sync receipts with your phone for seamless expense tracking.

Get paid

Automate quotes and invoices, offer multiple payment options, and get paid in seconds. Receive instant notifications when invoices are settled, and keep everything in sync with our platform.

Power up your cards

Issue virtual or physical debit cards for employees, contractors, or projects. Manage spending levels and freeze the card with one click. Employees with cards don’t need to wait for reimbursement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform equips Cleantech companies with the financing and automated back-office solutions they need to accelerate growth and drive innovation.


Apply for business loans and access our invoicing and accounting tools for free. If you need help with automation, AI implimentation and business growth, consult our industry-specific experts at competitive rates.

QB is a great accounting software, but you still need a CPA, Bank account and most often a payments platform like Zelle, PayPal etc. If you are up and running on QB you can easily merge over your infrastructure to GreatWeek. Or keep things in QB and use GreatWeek for Banking, Payments and CRM. Up to you : )

Nope. We don’t believe in locking you down to long term commitments. However our customers tend to stick to Greatweek as we guarantee the best price.

We can integrate almost any software on the market. Our partnership with connects Greatweek to 100.000 other apps. Reach out to us if you have specific needs. 

Stop burning the midnight oil.

Focus on growth instead.