Focus on what

you love

Whatever that may be

Enjoy a hassle-free way to get paid, and send money quickly and easily.

We take the stress and hassle out of invoicing

For smart business owners, and demanding clients

Do more of what you love. And less of the boring stuff.

Send quotes and invoices in seconds

Time is money, and Greatweek can help you save both. We offer a variety of invoice templates that are professional and easy to use. Start getting your invoices in order today!

Get paid, while you sleep

Embrace success - let our subscription service take your business payments to the next level! Streamline and optimize with ease, and watch as you propel towards growth.

Click. Send. Paid.

Make it faster and easier to get paid! Share a link or let customers scan a QR code, allowing them to instantly complete payment so you can receive your money in no time.

93% of invoices are paid on time

Let your customers pay any way they like. From ACH, Cards to Instalments. They get a link and can pay on the go. If they forget to pay on time, we'll remind them.

Make an impression

We use your stored information to fill in fields automatically. That way, you can create invoices and quotes in seconds.

We calculate taxes for you

Tired of figuring out taxes across states? No Problem! We automate all tax calculations for you. We use your stored information to fill in fields automatically. That way, you can create invoices and quotes in seconds.

Easier payment for happier customers... and a happier you.

Our invoicing software offers flexible payment options including credit card, debit card, direct deposit, installments, and all main wallet apps.

Total visibility at every stage

Say goodbye to surprises. And overspending. And "missing" invoices. With all of your spending automatically added to your all-in-one banking and accounting system, you've got control.

Let's automate your accounts receivable

Save time and get paid faster with Greatweek invoicing. No more typing up invoices. No more sending reminders. No more dealing with payments. These invoices know how to look after themselves.

People who already love us

I don't really do expense management anymore.
Tracy Johnss
Freelance Copywriter
Now that they launched more functionality, I basically handle everything through them.
Rob Cartillo
Boston Fitness
My personal and business bank accounts are linked to the platform with full visibility.
Maya Hobbs
Palm Beach Music School

Frequently Asked Questions

We help businesses manage banking, payments and accounting in one place. Saving tons of time and money!

Most of our clients sign up for the 100% free account. There are no hidden fees. We make money when you use our debit cards for business spend. You don’t pay, the merchant accepting those cards pays an acceptance fee.

QB is a great accounting software, but you still need a CPA, Bank account and most often a payments platform like Zelle, PayPal etc. If you are up and running on QB you can easily merge over your infrastructure to GreatWeek. Or keep things in QB and use GreatWeek for Banking, Payments and CRM. Up to you : )

Nope. We don’t believe in locking you down to long term commitments. However our customers tend to stick to Great Week as we guarantee best price offer.