Autopilot your business

Easy to use tools, that streamlines client and supplier management while efficiently handling events, emails, and transactions for you.

Raise the bar on organization

It can be challenging to recall where you placed that quote, whether it's in an email, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. But with Greatweek, you can always keep everything organized.

Greatweek Receipt

Get paid on time, always

Whether you're collecting recurring rent or sending invoices to partners, Greatweek ensures you stay organized and get paid on time.

Automate bookkeeping

Simplify your finances with our all-in-one platform. Track spending and income, get real-time updates, and access expert CPA support. Stay compliant across states and countries with automatic tax calculations.

Greatweek Transactions

Frequently Asked Questions

Searching for a better provider or starting a new business? We understand—accounting and payment automation is crucial, yet less than thrilling. Let us empower you with automation, freeing you to concentrate on growth. Discover answers to common questions below.

We help businesses save tons of time and money by automating accounting and payments. 

Operate it yourself for $19/month. For businesses with 1000+ transactions, outsource bookkeeping to us at $199/month. Over $1M annual revenue? Special offer: guaranteed savings or pay nothing.

QB is a great accounting software, but you still need a CPA, Bank account and most often a payments platform like Zelle, PayPal etc. If you are up and running on QB you can easily merge over your infrastructure to GreatWeek. Or keep things in QB and use GreatWeek for Banking, Payments and CRM. Up to you : )

Nope. We don’t believe in locking you down to long term commitments. However our customers tend to stick to Greatweek as we guarantee the best price.

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