The Exit: Fintech guru, Daniel Bessmert, shares his experience founding and scaling 3 companies all in the finance and payment space, and then exiting.

Some successfully and some less though. Listen to find out what he’s learnt from his long career and why he always tests to verify, and how to structure deals.

Daniel is the current CEO of Great Week, which is a banking, payments, and accounting platform for business owners. Their platform is thoughtfully designed with businesses in mind in order for companies and people to grow. Their mission is to give their clients administration tools, so they can focus on what they do best and love the most.

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The Exit—Presented By Flippa: A 30-minute podcast featuring expert entrepreneurs who have been there and done it. The Exit talks to operators who have bought and sold a business.

You’ll learn how they did it, why they did it, and get exposure to the world of exits, a world occupied by a small few, but accessible to many. To listen to the podcast or get daily listing updates, click on

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