You like to think

about money

We'll help you not to.

You like to think about money. We'll help you not to.

Powerful banking solutions, integrated with payments and accounting. For the modern business owner.

It's time for a bank that gets you!

Open a free business checking account or sync any external bank and experience the time-saving power of a bank account that was designed specifically for small businesses.

Open a Bank Account

At Greatweek, we understand the importance of financial security and peace of mind. That's why we offer a 100% free - FDIC-insured accounts as part of our platform.

Stop switching browser tabs

Manage multiple bank accounts in one place. Sync your existing business and personal accounts to the platform. Move money smoothly and ensure all transactions are booked properly.

The power of multiple cards

Get a virtual or physical card for each project or staff. Set spending limits and freeze and unfreeze cards in our app, on the go.

Your business is your life. Your finances are ours.

Let's simplify

Three accounts... five browser tabs... one horrendous spreadsheet to pull all the financials together... and a bunch of awkward transactions to transfer funds. Stop. Manage all of your financial accounts in one app, in one place, as one experience.

Automate expense tracking with multiple cards

Tailored to the digital entrepreneur

Future you will say, "Remember when I used to have to collect receipts? And send invoices? And chase payments? And do a ton of data entry?" Our platform is going to take so much off your plate, you'll wonder how you ever managed in the first place.

Always just a chat or call away

Need help? We're always just a chat or call away. 24/7 customer service is available to help you with whatever you need.

So how are we different?

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Customer support is at the heart of our DNA

Sofie Taden

Customer Success @ Greatweek LLC