AI tools to simplify operations for Startups

Automate boring tasks, and boost productivity with our AI Co-Pilot - that knows your business better than any CFO or Lawyer.


Automating bookkeeping, payments, and cash flow forecasting. Say goodbye to old-school methods, and say hello to the new way of running a business!


Easily create and send legal agreements for digital signing. Instantly compile due diligence packages and more, 1000x faster and cheaper than hiring a lawyer.

How it works

Start by syncing your bank accounts

Connect one or multiple bank accounts or credit cards to the platform. Need to expense a personal transaction? No problem, just sync that account as well. 

Then categorize a few transactions

In the background, your AI CO-Pilot learns your business and starts to suggest categories to book the transaction into.

Connect more apps

The more data you share, the better your AI Co-Pilot can assist you. You can now start asking the Co-Pilot to assist you with specific tasks. 

That's it.

Start using your own AI Co-Pilot, saving you valuable time and money – setting you apart from your competitors.

Legal Co-Pilot

Produce contracts, get real-time legal advice, and ensure compliance, streamlining processes and minimizing risks. At a significantly lower cost and time than using a lawyer. 

Finance Co-Pilot

Get real-time financial insights and guidance, optimizing strategies, budgeting, and risk management. By analyzing data, it aids in decision-making, cost-saving, and regulatory compliance, serving as a strategic partner for financial stability and growth.