Put your agency


On autopilot

Put your agency finances on autopilot!

We built a Banking, Payments and Accounting platform, to automate time-consuming tasks. This allows you to can skip the admin hassle and focus on what matters.

We make it easy to track expenses

Finding financial freedom is just a swipe away! Our Mobile app makes it simple and convenient to keep track of your spending, income, and more - no matter where you are.

Hello, automations. See ya, headaches

Get all your finances in one place.

Sync your bank accounts in one place, and get a clear picture of how your finances are evolving. Plus mitigate the risk of having only one account.

Make your work, super simple.

Send invoices and quotes. Get paid through cards or bank transfers. Have full visibility and control at all times.

We calculate taxes for you

Tired of figuring out taxes across states? No Problem! We automate all tax calculations for you.

Powered by AI

Our accounting software is powered by AI, making it the most advanced and efficient solution on the market. Try it today and experience the difference.

We take the stress out of invoicing

Accept a wide range of payment methods and receive notification when invoices are paid. Customize with your branding and send your clients access to their own portal.

Need accounting help?

Connect with a professional CPA through our online chat or phone call. Our internal CPAs are always happy to help!

You don't need to be an accountant to keep your finances in order

So how are we different?

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Linked Bank Accounts

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We get lots of compliments from your peers.

Since starting to use GreatWeek.com - my finances are in order.
Lisa Greyhill
Grey Legal
Finally a service that ticked all the boxes.
Carmen Garcia
Drill SEO Agency