Earn 4x more.

Without extra work.

Earn 4x more. Without extra work.

Greatweek is a platform for SMB’s to their finances in one place. From Banking to Accounting. You are invited to take part of the revenue.

Clients trust their CPA, more than their banker!

Clients trust you to help them choose the right software. QBO or Freshbooks. They ask you for best financing options, payroll solutions, CRM’s and off course they rely on you to set up the right corporate structures and write-offs for tax benefits. You should be getting a piece of those revenues. Now you can!

Hello, automations. See ya, headaches

All your client finances in one place.

Sync all your client's bank accounts in one place, and get a clear picture of how their finances are evolving.

Make your work, super simple.

With Greatweek, clients can send invoices and quotes. They can get paid through cards or bank transfers. The key thing is that there is full visibility and control at all times.

We make it easy to track expenses

Finding financial freedom is just a swipe away! Our Mobile app makes it simple and convenient to keep track of spending, income, and more - no matter where you are.

Powered by AI

Our accounting software is powered by AI, making it the most advanced and efficient solution on the market. Try it today and experience the difference.

Accounting field has changed dramatically.

New solutions like ChatGPT, Bench.com and getdivvy.com is both an opportunity as well as threat for you! Greatweek offers partners to share 50% of all revenues our platform generates. This include fees from card issuance, remittance, payroll, lending and more.

Why partner with us?

Greatweek management are ex Citibank, PayPal and Visa. Plus they built successful Fintechs before founding Greatweek. Together with a strong tech team, they built Greatweek that services hundreds of clients. Its now time for the business to extend this offer to partner. Including revenue share and equity participation.

So how are we different?

Bank Account

Linked Bank Accounts

Debit cards